Violent Means to a Violent End


originally published at Live Action News, 3/3/21

A scheduled vote on legislation that would have legalized abortion up to 12 weeks in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo was delayed late last week. The vote itself was forced by the actions of a “tiny, radical and well trained” group of so-called feminists which “practically kidnapped [the legislature] and did so under the aegis of the federal government and the United Nations… which gave them the status of ‘defenders of women’s rights.’” 

The group originally held a sit-in outside the legislature beginning November 25th, then stormed the building on the 27th, setting up camp inside. They prevented the legislature from operating for the next three months. On February 10th, they presented two initiatives designed to cooperatively legalize abortion-on-demand — one would reform the local Constitution and the other would modify the penal code. The group demanded a vote, effectively holding the building hostage until the legislation was passed. 

Pro-abortion legislators Ana Pamplona and José Luis Guillén have been working in support of the squatters. Pamplona and Guillén officially introduced the protestors’ legislation and were key members of an official legislative delegation sent to “listen to [the protestors’] demands and give them guarantees they would not be prosecuted for occupying the building.”

Brenda del Río, the founder and director of the National Campaign for Life — Long Live Mexico, asserted that Pamplona and Guillén have tacitly endorsed the message that “if you want to advance a social cause, legal or illegal, you have to vandalize, threaten, take over public buildings and force lawmakers to fulfill an international agenda that is alien to the principles of Mexico. This amounts to the promotion of violence.”

Although citizen organizations submitted petitions totaling over 100,000 signatures in opposition to the legislation, and the feminists submitted only 14,000, the deputies moved forward to vote on the initiatives last Wednesday, February 24th. However, four pro-life deputies were successful in stalling it. Since then, the activists have stepped up their attacks, tagging the legislature building with graffiti and replacing the Mexican flag outside with “a large green cloth banner emblazoned with the slogan ‘abortion on demand,’ which the Mexican Army took down Feb. 26,” according to the Catholic News Agency. Green is the color pro-abortion activists in Latin America have selected to represent their movement.

Pro-abortion violence has been on the rise in Mexico. In March of 2020, pro-abortion protestors firebombed pro-lifers and vandalized churches for International Women’s Day. On June 1, five churches in Xalapa were tagged with pro-abortion graffiti. And on September 28th, women clad in green bandanas threw Molotov cocktails at police officers at a pro-abortion protest in Mexico City. 

If the protestors get what they want in Quintana Roo, it will surely encourage such tactics to continue.

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