The Banality of UCSF’s Evil

Originally published at Live Action News

Pro-Life San Francisco has long been protesting UCSF and related institutions which operate under the university’s aegis for their gruesome experiments involving fetal tissue and body parts, including recent experiments involving humanized mice, as well as the egregiously inhumane second-trimester abortions which supply those fetal parts. UCSF receives millions of taxpayer dollars to conduct these experiments, which more closely resemble the machinations of the mad scientists in gothic horror novels than legitimately purpose-driven science.

Fetal body parts are being harvested under the UCSF umbrella from babies aborted at the two UCSF-affiliated Women’s Options Center locations. Studies show that the labor induction abortion techniques used in these facilities to procure “fresh” parts can result in live births as often as 50% of the time. UCSF professor and Director of one Women’s Options Center location, Eleanor Drey, has referenced the reality of abortion survivors in both D&E and labor induction abortion procedures. 

Pro-Life San Francisco recently made a request under the California Public Records Act that included requests for: 

1). “Any and all UCSF protocols and procedures for determining the viability of a neonate after labor induction abortion procedures including … in instances where the neonate is born alive after the procedure is performed,”

2). “UCSF’s protocols and procedures regarding the delivery of medical care to neonates born at the Women’s Options Center[s],” and

3). “Human fetal tissue procurement logs” 

This was in addition to several other requests, which have yet to be fulfilled. The documents obtained pursuant to this request reveal disturbing details about the true extent of the atrocities taking place at this state-sponsored institution and the strikingly callous and casual attitude with which they are being carried out–all at the expense of average Americans. 

In correspondence with attorneys for Pro-Life San Francisco, attorneys for UCSF admitted that, with regard to the first two requests, there were no documents to turn over, because UCSF/the Women’s Options Centers have no protocol for determining the viability of abortion survivors, or for providing care to them. This is a tacit admission of the possiblity that abortion survivors are simply left to die, without so much as the basic humane provision of palliative care. The situation at UCSF’s Women’s Options Centers is essentially a free-for-all, where each abortion survivor’s life hinges upon the whim of the abortionist paid to kill him or her.

With regard to the third request, Pro-Life San Francisco provided this author with the tissue procurement logs they obtained, which are referred to as “Arrival/Departure and Collection Lists,” presumably referring to the arrival and departure of the procurers themselves, whose entry and exit times are logged, in addition to the actual parts harvested. Note the last “part” taken on this log:

Of particular note is the frequency with which reproductive organs appear on these lists. 42 out of 43 logs document the harvesting of genitalia and/or gonads. These “scientists,” who work for an institution which postures itself as a frontline warrior in the battle for so-called “reproductive justice,” spend their days mutilating the reproductive organs of people whose lives have been brutally ended under the banner of “reproductive choice.” 

But perhaps the most chilling aspect of these logs is the presence of mundane, everyday conversational tidbits scattered within them. Things like shift trades and laptop mishaps are casually discussed in-between the horrific lists of body parts taken from aborted children, many of whom may have been born alive and/or able to survive outside the womb:

Sometimes, the procurers even display a bit of jolly camaraderie:

It might be difficult to imagine how people could do such gruesome work with such a blasé attitude, but it is precisely their blasé attitude which allows them to do this work. In his introduction to Hannah Arendt’s seminal work, Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil, Amos Elon summarized Arendt’s theory: 

Evil comes from a failure to think. It defies thought, for as soon as thought tries to engage itself with evil and examine the premises and principles from which it originates, it is frustrated because it finds nothing there. That is the banality of evil.

It is precisely the fact that these cog-in-the-machine “scientists” never pause to consider the larger ramifications of their deeds that allows them to perform these deeds without interference from their consciences. If they were to stop and think things through in a truly reasoned and global manner, they would see that there is no rational or ethical basis for what they are doing–and they would stop doing it. Instead, they approach their jobs with a hum-drum, business-as-usual attitude–a banality–that enables them to go on committing unthinkable evil as though they were merely performing everyday tasks with a justifiable purpose. 

If we’re looking for some kind of rational explanation for the horror of their actions, we will be disappointed, because these functionaries do not operate from a rational place.

We cannot rely on people to magically wake up from their comas of conscience. Instead, we must make efforts to educate while simultaneously taking action to curtail these human rights violations. To get involved in the effort to stop these atrocities, visit Pro-Life San Francisco’s UCSF fact sheet and follow the call to action at the bottom of the page.

Did I make you think? Smile? Cry? Sick? Do tell.

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