Fake Feminists Make Malicious Misogynists

originally published at Live Action News, 1/23/21 Earlier this week, The Blaze reported on a verbal attack published by the Times Union of Albany, New York, against US Rep. Elise Stefanik. Among other below-the-belt jabs, the piece — which has since been removed from the Times Union site and is unavailable on the authors’ blog, which has been made private — took aim at Stefanik for being “childless.” […]

Violent Means to a Violent End

originally published at Live Action News, 3/3/21 A scheduled vote on legislation that would have legalized abortion up to 12 weeks in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo was delayed late last week. The vote itself was forced by the actions of a “tiny, radical and well trained” group of so-called feminists which “practically kidnapped [the legislature] and did so under the […]

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