Turnitin launches iThenticate 2.0 to help maintain integrity of high stakes content with AI writing detection
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Enrich your platform with the world’s leading plagiarism detection and assessment tools powered by Turnitin.

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Turnitin Core API

You can deliver text similarity checking seamlessly within your workflow using our REST APIs.


Turnitin is a Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)® certified provider and can be quickly added to your LTI-compliant offering.

Getting started as a Technical Partner

We offer end-to-end support and hands-on guidance throughout the onboarding process.

Partner Success Story

Discover the story of our partnership with CollPoll

Learn how CollPoll leveraged Turnitin’s API-enabled integration to incorporate text similarity checking within their platform.

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  • Unparalleled content database
  • Adherence to accessibility standards
  • GDPR and SOC2 compliance
  • 220 million annual submissions

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